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Ira and Abby are committed to bringing world class excellence in dancesport training to their students. They deal primarily in the Standard division of the International Style and provide workshops, private and group lessons in Utah and on the west coast.

* International Standard includes waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennese waltz and quickstep

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a quick way to get started on ballroom dance and develop good technique.  Ira and Abby have flexible schedules and can work with you to set up a time and location that works best for you.  Click here to contact them about private lessons.

Group Lessons

A group class is a less expensive way to work on a variety of dances and can provide an opportunity to meet new people.  Email Ira or Abby and they will contact you about their current group lesson schedule.  Click here to contact them about group lessons.

Wedding Dance

Let Abby choreograph the first dance for your wedding day. She will break down each dance step and provide you with instruction and practice plans for both the bride and groom.  Email Abby and she will contact you about her current schedule.

FOR SALE - Premium Ballroom Gowns

SOLD! - SPARKLY GOLD GOWN FOR SALE - SOLD!!  This eye-catching iridescent gold ballroom gown is for sale at the reduced price of $1600. Designed for a taller lady but could be shortened. Everything is in perfect condition and the dress has been recently cleaned. Includes rhinestone choker.  Contact us at ira.and.abby@gmail.com to inquire about this dress.

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Hair and Makeup

Abby is very talented at hair and makeup and is keyed into the newest trends.  Check out the calendar for an idea of which competitions she may be attending then send her a message via the contact form below to see if she's available!

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